Embedded Hardware Developers

Facing a challenge in finding the appropriate Embedded Engineer?

The only place you can hire Full-Time Employees in Any Embedded Technology:

“With the help of my dedicated Embedded engineer, we are able to quickly respond to opportunities and scale up our resources, providing competitive and quality design services around the clock.” Jonathan Torkelson, President of Embeddetech Inc, Oklahoma, USA, using VE services for a year now.

Outsource the full range of Embedded Technologies, Save on High Salaries

And work with top-tier talent at one-fourth the cost in the West Average salary of an Embedded Software Architect in the US is $8416 per month (bonuses and profit-sharing is extra). Henoz.com helps you hire Embedded Software Engineers with 20+ years of experience at one-fourth the cost.

Henoz’s Embedded Technologies team has a collective:

  • 10+ years experience in System Architect
  • 10+ years extensive experience with electronics, electronic design, communication protocols for embedded systems.
  • 10+ years experience in conceiving, designing, and architecting to implement an entire embedded system device.
  • 20+ years of writing device drivers’ experience for embedded devices and microcontrollers.
  • 20+ years experience in programming in C and software debugging.
  • 10+ years experience with CAM and BOM processes for product manufacturing.

“Our clients Dream it…then Patent it…..and we bring their dreams to life,” – VE’s Embedded team’s mantra .

Productive Collaboration = Goals Achieved

Need an Embedded offshore team with different skills?

  • With us your entire remote Embedded team can work from the same room.
  • VE’s Embedded team combines extensive experience, and competency
  • A vast exposure to a global portfolio of clients gives you customized embedded solutions.
  • The team is headed by an extremely versatile, highly talented and experienced Embedded Architect/ Manager.

Enduring foundation for successful partnerships based on trust, collaboration and accountability.

How does VE Lower Your Costs?

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