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Video Marketing

Your 1-Minute Video is Equal to 1.8 Million Words

(Dr. James McQuivery of Forrester Research)

Videos Pull in the Crowds, and Buyers Too

Video is the 'in' thing! As buyers look for quick easy ways to get 'real' information on products and services, a crisp, creative, and relevant video trumps the long-drawn text by a mile. Websites that feature videos are perceived as trustworthy as they engage customers with authentic people within authentic contexts. Online videos also happen to be more cost effective than any other form of audio-visual media.

If you are looking to revamp your marketing strategy or planning to start one, we can support your initiative with our expert video marketing services. Our solutions are designed to optimize your video marketing efforts by generating meaningful website traffic, healthy back links, and effective customer engagement.

Speak to Your Audience, Opt for Video Marketing

We can give you a host of reasons to opt for video marketing.

  • Videos are a great way to improve your SEO ranking. Platforms such as Google and Bing are keen to index videos in search results, enhancing visibility dramatically.
  • Videos that are innovative and easily shareable on multiple devices and platforms go viral very fast, serving as your brand ambassador.
  • Videos are a slick mode of marketing communication that allow businesses to capture the user’s attention and maneuver their emotions, affecting purchase decisions.
  • Videos employ multimedia and storytelling, making it a great tool to engage and retain customer loyalty.
  • Videos enliven your insipid website, lending it a modern look and feel, and offer a trendy way to promote/sell products.
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Want Your Video To Be High on Recall ?

About 80% of web users recall a video ad they saw 30 days ago

Customers want results, and we deliver RESULTS. Our expert video marketing professionals offer:

  • Video optimization services to maximize your SEO ranking on prime platforms such as Google, Bing, YouTube, and social media portals.
  • Target-driven results for your keywords, by identifying what your target customers are searching for, and tagging your videos accordingly; ranking high for keyword search means exposure to users who actually want your service.
  • Customizing of your YouTube videos in keeping with your branding requirements such as logo, captions, and visuals to establish customer connection and trust—improving ROI and sales.

We value your money as much as you do. Our dedicated and proficient video marketing professionals design and deliver a targeted video marketing strategy—attracting new customers, impacting purchase decisions—translating every marketing dollar into increased sales and profits.

Our Feature-packed Video Marketing Services Include:

  • Video Channel Setup
  • Annotation
  • Online Video Distribution
  • Maintenance of Videos on Personal and Other Websites
  • Video SEO and Optimization
  • Video Promotion on Social Media
  • Ad Management on Video Sites

Leverage Video Marketing to Reach Your Customers and Generate Sales

Businesses can use attractive micro videos on their own website or other video websites such as YouTube to reach millions of viewers:

Display and demonstrate your
new products and services in an authentic

Create a video brochure for
products/services for quick and interesting

Share a video carrying your business vision
or key message to inspire
viewer trust.

Utilize video testimonials for an
effective recommendation.

Post videos of professional achievements and
community participation.

Step-by-step video manuals
for onsite customer transactions

As a leading ISO 9001:2008 Certified internet marketing company in India with a global clientele, we offer a host of value added services including 24x7 IT and HR support, proven work processes and management, and latest technologies to ensure a superlative delivery.

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