Why Henoz

Know How Your Dedicated Employee Works Remotely

Our services are amazingly simple and straightforward. With us, you are opening your ‘branch office’ at no extra cost! Our office effectively becomes an extension of your own office in India. We don’t just provide you with a virtual employee. You also get a ready-made, fully functional office, complete with the HR, IT, and Accounts departments who work as your physical representatives here. They manage your virtual employee for you so that you don’t have to.

Hardware and Infrastructure

  • State-of-the-art office in the prestigious Special Economic Zone (SEZ), supported by the Government of India
  • Latest Dell or HP PCs and laptops, with dual screens if required
  • High-speed, stable leased line Internet connections
  • Telephone with a local number from your country
  • Video recording studio
  • Video conferencing facility
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How does Henoz work?

  • Two business models – Dedicated Employee Model and Team Model
  • The Team Model for IT and software development, PHP, ASP.net and Web Designing projects
  • The Team Model allows you to employ the services of a mix of employees without hiring multiple employees
  • The Dedicated Employee model for those who wish to outsource work over a long duration and on a daily basis
  • The Dedicated Employee works exclusively only for one client at a time
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Henoz Advantage

  • You don’t just get a dedicated remote employee; you get the entire offshore package
  • Set up ‘your’ office in India at zero cost
  • Handpick your dedicated employee(s)
  • Hire professionals from any domain
  • Ease of communication with your virtual employee
  • 24×7 IT and HR support for you and your employee
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Working Remotely

  • Time zone differences and geographical distance do not matter
  • Advanced communication technology
  • Latest online collaboration software
  • Video conferencing for interacting, training and conducting interviews
  • Remote PC software
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Your Office in India

  • Our Office is ‘your’ offshore office in India
  • You enjoy a 24×7 client support and technical support
  • We take care of all taxes, labour laws, insurance, employee benefits, etc
  • Your virtual employee is accountable only to you
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Data Security

  • Client’s data security is our #1 priority
  • Your employee can work in a ‘virtualized’ work environment
  • Continuous scanning of traffic on VirtualEmployee.com’s own website by the vigilant IT staff
  • Powerful anti-virus and anti-Spam programmes installed on every employee’s system
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Our Clients & Brands

Over 500 happy clients

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